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Website Links
Thank you for visiting our website! Here are some websites we recommend.

About Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies Sidney Helen Sachs put together this uniquely informative site full of humorous stories of her mishaps training sled dogs in Tennessee. Please read the beaver story!
Carting Article An article about dog carting for children found in the 1888 "Harper's Young People" magazine.
Carting with your Dog Clearing house for carting.
Darlette explains driving Darlette Ratschen knows as much about driving and training dogs as anyone. She makes great harnesses for dorsal hitch sulkies.This site is a wonderful introduction to the sport of driving dogs in a sulky.
Drivers A La Cart A terrific description of how to train a dog for driving. Susan Jenulis sells driving harnesses in Southern California. And the rottweilers are beautiful.
New England Drafting and Driving Club At last there is a Dog Driving Club whose goal is to encourage the sport of drafting and driving with dogs of any breed. These folk will empower the AKC to add drafting to their list of events.
Sand Lynx Carts Jim Tofflemire makes a cute, rugged musher's cart for 1 to 8 dogs that fits in a SUV.
Skate boarding bulldog This English bulldog loves to ride his skateboard. Tyson can push it, jump on it, ride it and steer it. He taught himself. He lives to ride his skateboard.
The History of Dog Carts Vixen's Mistress has a great collection of old postcards, paintings and drawings of dog carts going back to 1600. VM is an avid investigator into historic carts. Her site is fun and includes photos of her dog Vixen pulling antique carts.
Dog Outfitters
Alpine Outfitters Close to Seattle Alpine sells everything for the sled dog. Alpine Outfitters does custom design, innovative product development and supplies mushers and DogScooter with harnesses and other gear.
Safety flags for sulkies Katie at DudsGear makes lots of cool accessories for the carting and driving dog. I like the safety flags a lot.
Black Ice Dog Sledding Equipment Lots of choices in dog sledding equipment and books
ColdSpot Feeds This is the Feed and Mushing Supply Store in Fairbanks, Alaska. You can't get any better dog information for mushing than from ColdSpot Feeds.
Collars that blink These collars can either shine steadily or blink. Use them for safety after dark in winter when days are short and in summer when days are too hot to run dogs.
Dog Works Great carting equipment.
Expedition Samoyeds Expedition Samoyeds has a complete line of dog sport equipment. The site is filled with articles and links and good information. Denise and Gregory Newell run samoyeds and Alaskan malamutes and support northern breeds in general.
Fastrk Registered Siberian Huskies They sell a book on X-back harness making.
Gear for Dogs Shows how to harness your dog.. Also lots of great gear for various dog activities including boating and hunting. A good place to browse.
Harnesses By Carol These are weight pull harnesses. The site is full of photographs of dogs pulling: boston terriers, Jack Russells, St Bernards, pit bulls, huskies, malamutes, patterdale terriers. It is a very informative site.
Howling Dog Howling Dog has exceptionally nice products and the dogs in their kennel are gorgeous fast sled dogs.
Make Your Own Gear This site has plans and photos to allow you to make all your own harnesses and collars.
Make your own tuglines. Mike Callahan runs Alaskan huskies and wins at skijoring. He describes in words and photos how to make your own tuglines.
Making Booties Here are instructions for making your own booties. Protect those feet from hot pavement or biting snow or cutting gravel.
Nooksack Racing Supply A scooterer in Maine was very happy with this outfitter in Maine.
Nordkyn Outfitters Lots of great equipment, including weight pull harnesses. A great resource for Western Washington and of course by internet.
Pitbull Outfitters Pitbulls are my favorite breed. Get your weight pull harnesses here and other good pitbull stuff.
Ruff Wear Gear Rubber soled booties for your dog
Tumnatki Siberians sled dog Kennel Karen Yeargain's Siberians are racing as compared to show siberians. Visit her site to see what winning sprint dogs look like. Karen sells collars, Taiga harnesses and National Dog food. She is an avid supporter of Mushing Boot Camp.
Dog Related
Nanny 911 for Dogs.com Victoria Rose Behavior Tips and Advice for Training your Dog. I come into your PNW home and restructure how you communicate with, relate to and LIVE with your dog.
Alaskan-Husky-Behavior.com Behavior Tips and Advice for Training your Alaskan Husky as a Pet Dog.
http://www.thedirtlife.com/dogs/pulling/pulling.htm Megan Capon has listed activities to do to exercise highly active dogs. Her dogs are hunting line German Shorthair Pointers.

Maryland Sled Dog Adventures


Catherine Benson offers scooter lessons and dogsledding rides.

Alaska Sparken Alaska Sparken sells scooters in Alaska as well as kicksleds.




Three sources for scooters in Czech Republic
Arctic Rigs An American made scooter designed for sled dogs
Kickbike Ontario Kickbike Ontario sells the scooter designed by a doctor who ran marathons and wanted to get in shape while not injuring his joints. The kickbike is the fastest scooter in the world.
Cudos Rigs A stainless steel scooter made and sold in UK specifically for dog scootering.
Blauwerk Blauwerk manufactures scooters in Austria.
DogScooter#1 Dog Scootering in Germany
Kickbike UK Kickbike UK sells the scooter designed by a doctor who ran marathons and wanted to get in shape while not injuring his joints. The kickbike is the fastest scooter in the world.
Kickbike USA, Ltd. Kickbike USA, Ltd. sells the scooter designed by a doctor who ran marathons and wanted to get in shape while not injuring his joints. The kickbike is the fastest scooter in the world.
PawTrekker Dog Scooters Buy your scooters locally and don't pay shipping costs from the United States. These scooters are designed with dog pulling in mind.
Scooter Outrigger Mark Schuette of Bend, Oregon, has invented this alternate way to have a dog pull a scooter. It works for dogs who dislike running in front but enjoy running beside the scooter.
Sleddog Training Carts and Carriers Mike Fisher makes carts and scooters for running on sand dunes. Fisher is in Coos Bay, Oregon.
Windchill This Australian site has a good photograph of a scooter welded from BMX bikes. Windchill also sells harnesses and towlines.
Instructions for making your own scooter Dave Brown in Australia shows how to make a scooter from a BMX bike.
Skijoring and Scootering
Australian Sled Dog Sports Association The Australians race with scooters, big time. This site is packed with information. Plan to spend time here.
Filip Chludil The most fabulous photos of world class scooter racing in the world. You must see these.
Canicross Canicross is a sport where the dog is hitched to you and pulls you as you hike or run. Mike Callahan wrote this article for "Mushing Magazine".
David Costa's web site David's site is a Spanish one describing racing dogs in Spain whether on scooters, bikes, or carts. Great photos.
Midwest Skijorers The Midwest Skijor Club is located in the Twin Cities area in snowy Minnesota. They host races and fun runs and have classes for novices.
Mushing Magazine Clearing house of info on skijoring, including training
Mushing Boot Camp Two experienced mushers teach a 3 day workshop for mushers with multiple dogs and a 1 day workshop for pull training for one dog. Workshops are given in Oregon, Minnesota, and Michigan.
Skijor Now This site has tons of information about skijoring. There are products to buy, training instruction and lots of photographs.
Skijorama Clearing house of info on skijoring, including training
Sled Dog Racing This site has the best description I have seen of a sled race for amateurs. The writer tells of running various breeds in her sled races and describes some of the rules, and joys (helpful camaraderie), and training necessary.
Sleddog-L Information about sleddogs and sleddog racing.
Washington State Skijoring Group Megan Capon started a new Yahoo group for people who are interested in skijoring in Washington State. Join to find out and share about trail conditions. Team up with some folks up for training, fun runs, etc.
Dogs Across America Dogs Across America is a public dog relay event to demonstrate the pulling and traveling ability of ordinary (and extra-ordinary) dogs. It is an annual event that takes place in the cooler days of autumn before dog sled race season begins.
K9ScootersNW Dedicated to the sport of dog scootering.
International Federation of SledDog Sports IFSS is the federation of national clubs and associations. It was formed to create sled dog sports as an Olympic Sport
ISDRA International Sleddog Racing Association.
New England Drafting and Driving Club A Dog Driving Club to encourage the sport of drafting and driving with dogs.
Australian Sled Dog Sports Association This site is packed with information.
Siberian Husky Assist Siberian Husky Assist has been rescuing Siberian Huskies from shelters since November 2003.
Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers (SNDD) The club organizes an annual mushing clinic for owners of any breed who would like an introduction to carting, scootering, bikejoring, sledding and skijoring. It has training runs in the fall and supports/organize3 3-4 races in Northern California each year.
Southern California Working Snowdogs Southern California Working Snow Dogs promotes email discussions, shares resources and organizes informal fun events for dog-powered sports including scootering, dogsledding, carting, canicross, hiking, and weight-pulling.
Alaskan Sled Dog Photos Alaska's Virtual Library and Digital Archive (ViLDA) houses a collection of nearly 7,000 historical photos. Search for "Sled Dog" or "Dog".
Sled Dog Central Sled Dog Central is a comprehensive site about mushing. You can meet the mushers, buy and sell sled dogs, find a mentor, advertise mushing equipment.
Mushing Magazine A monthly magazine covering dog pulling sports both on snow and dryland.
Bamboo Farm My "other" passion. Bamboo is a hardwood. It makes excellent manufactured and composite wood products such a plyboo, laminated boards and beams, and oriented strandboard. A forest of bamboo is harvested for wood on a yearly basis. By making lumber of laminated strips of bamboo, native forests can be left for recreation, water quality, and wildlife. If we plant bamboo we can farm our wood instead of wildcutting it.
Training Services My new webmaster, they've renovated my website and made everything work. Check them out if you need a new website or a facelift, or just need a "few things fixed"!


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