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Sunday, 28 November 2010 08:14

Dogs Across America

Dog scooterers and other participants in dog powered sports have created  Dogs Across America, a relay event that demonstrate the pulling and traveling ability of ordinary (and extra-ordinary dogs). In each participating State, teams of dogs and humans travel the longest or most important trails in the State. In 2005 14 States participated and teams amassed 212 miles. In 2006 17 States participated and teams quadrupled the miles with a total of 821 miles.

The event takes place in late November in the Northern States and in early December in the Southern States. The schedule juggles, avoiding snow in the north and avoiding hot weather in the South. Any wheeled device may be used. Dogs can pull scooters, bicycles, sulkies, dryland mushing rigs, wagons, roller blades, skateboards, wheel chairs or roller skiis or even humans on foot (canicross). If there is snow then dogs will pull skiis or sleds. A team of dogs can vary in size from one to as many as a musher wants to hitch to their rig.

The Dogs Across America site promotes and organizes the event. In addition, the site creator and volunteer, scooterer Mike Behnke, has created a Dog Trails database at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DogTrails . We can start collecting trail information on the yahoo data base as well as the web site.


Two dogs per sacco cart


Two dogs per skateboard


Four dogs per scooter


One Dog per Scooter

Two Dogs per Wheelchair

One dog per go-cart

Three dogs per scooter

Three dogs per sulky

Four dogs per sulky

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