How do you train your dog to scooter?

Ground training before the harness arrives

Create “drive” before the harness and scooter arrive. Pick a place that you and your dog love to go to. Make it special with
ball chasing, tug-of-war, chase or free running, sniffing, peeing and/or swimming. Build your dog’s excitement to go there.
Practice scooter commands as you leash walk. When you turn right, say “Gee!” When you slow down, say “Easy”.

Ground training after the harness arrives

Scooter harnesses are for working, not playing. When you snap the tugline to the harness, the dog should work in front of you with no sniffing, peeing or socializing. If you want your dog to relax and be offduty or to walk politely beside you, snap the leash to the collar.

Attach a light “drag” such as a bicycle tire to the harness with a line long enough for the drag to be comfortably behind the dog. With leash to collar and drag to harness, go for a walk. Drag on various surfaces.
The dog learns to pull, learns to be comfortable with something dragging behind him.Gradually drop back until you walk behind the drag instead of next to the dog. Practice the scooter commands. Teach “line out”

Scooter training

Let the dog become accustomed to the scooter by walking the dog while you push the scooter. Next let the dog get used to pulling the empty scooter. When he is fine pulling the empty scooter, take him very close to his Special Place and hop on the scooter and command him to pull.

Basic Steps

Equipment You’ll Need