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Before you Start

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Use a soft measuring tape. Be sure the dog is standing square and level with head up and legs square. Be sure the dog's back is not hunched or roached. Measure the dog, not the fur. Weigh your dog if possible. Proper measurements are very important!! Measure twice to be sure! DO NOT pull the tape tight or the measurement will be short. If you have ANY questions about measuring, feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Dave Ryan at 610-584-6696.

1. Neck: Start from the top of the breastbone in the front of the dog (big bone that sticks out between the front legs in front of the dog) to the base of the neck where it joins the spine- NOT all the way back to between the shoulder blades, but in front of the shoulder blades at the base of the neck......... Take from the top of the breastbone to the base of the neck on ONE side and double it.........the average medium build dog will be around "22" (2 x 11)

2. Last-Rib: Start from the top of the breastbone again, down between the front legs and up the side of the dog diagonally toward the base of the tail (draw a harness on the dog). Take the measurement just behind the last rib (behind the rig cage).

3. Length: Hold the tape at the last rib and continue on the same line to the base of the tail. Be careful not to measure too long or the harness will pull down over the hips and restrict movement.


Study the pictures above, measure and write down each measurement on a scrap of paper -- then measure again! If the numbers do not match closely, keep measuring until you get consistent measurements.

When ordering harnesses, please provide all of this information in the measurements field of the PayPal order form:

  1. Neck
  2. Last-Rib
  3. Length
  4. Dog's name
  5. Breed
  6. Weight

We sew the dog's name on the harness. Providing Dog's Breed, build and weight is helpful for us to determine if your measurements are correct. If we (Alpine Outfitters) have a question on the accuracy of your measurements, we will contact you. Some harnesses made to “off standard” measurements may not be returnable.

General Sizing Information:


Size Usual Weight Range
18" 30-40#


22" 50-60#
24" 60-70#
26# 70-80#
28" 80-110#


8" small dog

average medium dog

12"-15" large dog


Generally, if you multiply the neck size by 1.25 you should be close to the circumference size. This varies widely depending on build/weight of dog. Remember to measure the WIDEST place on the dog, not necessarily where you think the harness will end up sitting on the dog.

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