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I just wanted to let you know how much we all like our scooter! The dogs love it, the kids love it, we are all having a great time! Here are a few pics of my daughter Sierra and our miniature australian shepherds, Jazz & Miya. Our minis weigh about 20lbs each but they sure can pull that scooter! Sometimes we even add my best friend's mini Tazzie, he is Jazz's brother and when all three are running you better hang on! Thanks for giving us all a fun, family way to exercise our dogs!

— Cathy


A little while ago a nice guy on a GSP board asked for ideas on how to
keep his All-Age field trial dog in shape (for the uninitiated: that's
an insanely competitive, high-speed, big-running hunting game followed
off horses). I tantalized him with various pictures of Los Tres
Horribles on the scooter as well as a link to Daphne's website. Here's
what happened:

"Keeping Spot in shape when I had him here at home for four months of
the year was a challenge for me. There are lots of trails, but no good
place to run such a dog from horseback around here. The scooter turned
out to be perfect, kind of hair raising at All Age speed, but what the
heck, you only live once. I was able to return him to his handler,
Eldon Hongo, in top shape this past January, with results that speak
for themselves."

Photo of Willows on the Spot now hanging
in the Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, TN

Spot (front) with his sister Whitey and their scooter

John Lunseth's FC Willows on the Spot just took the 2007 NGSPA
National All-Age Championship in Booneville AK. :D


On Jul 19, 2007, at 11:48 AM, Lani Furlong wrote:
Dear Daphne,

We received our Urban Trails harness for our dog.  It fits perfectly!  She runs  much easier than before.  She loves to pull when we take her biking  with us.  The harness doesn't chaff her at all.  No irritation on  her body that we can find.  Thanks very much for such a wonderful  harness.  It beats the pet shop harnesses hands down!!!

I can't thank Alpine Outfitters enough for such a quality harness!


Lani Furlong, Hawaii

Hi Lani,

Thank you for this. I will immediately send your comments to Carmen and Becky, who own Alpine Outfitters. Becky designs and makes the harnesses. She  is GOOD!

Daphne, DogScooter.com


45 Mike Anderson wrote:

I used a cheap k-mart walking harness for a while, it was uncomfortable for Woof, it dug in and chafed him pretty badly.

I got a custom harness from Alpine Outfitters about a month ago, and Woof and I both just LOVE it.

It fits him well, and he pulls much more confidently now, I can tell he enjoys the experience MUCH more! He used to try to back out of the cheap harness when I was putting it on him, now he practically jumps into the harness!


Woof on Sept 16, 2007

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