Dogs love to run

Train your Dog to Scooter

What is Dog Scootering?

Dog Scootering is an international sport in which your dog pulls you on a scooter. There are regional, national and international races. A scooter
trained dog can pull scooters, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades and/or skiis. You can scooter on city sidewalks or mountain bike trails.

What dogs can scooter?

Any dog who loves to run can pull. A dog pulling your arm off on a leash is pulling with more force than the same dog pulling you on a scooter. Dogs weighing 30 pounds and up can pull a scooter. Dogs smaller than that can still pull either in pairs or with more assistance of the driver.

What equipment do you need?


Scooters come in all shapes, sizes and price tags. Find a scooter that you are comfortable with. Recommended are scooters that have a wheel size of at least 20″ to roll easily over obstacle like roots and bumps on the trail. Disc brakes for better braking power are highly recommended. 

How do you train your dog to scooter?

Teach scooter commands gee, haw, wait, easy when walking your dog on a leash. 

Teach your dog line-out. Attach one end of the tugline to something that won’t move. Have him/her hold the tugline out tight. (“Line out”) until you release him from the command to keep the dog from turning and running back to you. This can cause tangling the tugline around the dogs legs and getting caught.

When a dog is pulling a scooter, his/her job is to “go on by”, distractions such as dogs and smells. Teach the two opposite commands, “go say hi” and “on by”, while on your daily walks.

Order the harness and tugline. When you snap the tugline to the harness, it signals to the dog that he/she is working. He/she should work infront of you unless you have a walkie-dog or a special scooter that is designed to have your dog along the side of you.

Do not let him sniff and pee. He/she is working and should resist distractions.

To start slow you can let the dog drag a milk jug

behind him/her. Later you can increase the drag by using a tire, etc. Let him/her get comfortable with the feel of the harness when pulling a weight. When he/she is comfortable pulling the drag with you beside him/her, gradually drop further back until you can walk behind the drag. 

For the first time run with a scooter, chose a defined trail where running is comfortable. Do not run on pavement as it is damaging for feet pads but mainly for joints and tendons.

Usually a dog desires to run down the trail. A person riding the bicycle ahead of you, often gets the dog chasing and running. Find a local mushing group. Running in a group is encouraging to the dog.

For reluctant dogs, walk and push the scooter until your dog and you are and easy distance from the car. Chances are he/she will run happily back to the car to get his treat while you ride the scooter.

Once the dog understands that the scooter means freedom to run and explore, he/she will love scooter outings and get excited to it more.

Scooter with your dog

Dog Scootering is FUN! Slip your dog into the scooter harness, hitch him to the scooter, hop on and let him run. You ride the scooter; he runs and pulls. When you return home your hyper dog is calm, a different dog. Mental and physical stimulations are important to your dogs overall health.

Once the dog understands that the scooter means freedom to run and explore, he will love scooter outings. His enthusiasm will rub off on you. Scooterers say, “I am addicted”.